Lizzie Fright

I studied Textiles back in the 1990's at Manchester Poly. Couldn't find a job in the UK when I finished so went to Italy where the streets were paved with design studios. I ended up designing rather nasty ties for Marks and Spencer's ( pigs playing football etc) and when I got tired of that returned to the land of Marmite and West Ham to continue my glittering career. Well surprisingly enough my talents weren't snapped up immediately and I spent quite a while attending Greenwich Job Centre. I finally got a job with a London based company who also specialised in necktie designs and spent two years sticking bits of fabric into archive books. I had an epiphany moment one day at Deptford train station when yet another train pulled in packed solid with sad people, 'I must leave London and move to the sea' I said to myself. So I did, and one husband and daughter later I have returned to the one thing I ever wanted to do. Paint. So I now find myself sitting in a shed in a garden in Sandwich flicking paint about trying to put the magic of the colour and countryside that surrounds me onto a canvas.