Here is a collection of examples of my current work. 

Pears and Moonlight

SOLD Pears and Moonlight

Yellow Jug

Yellow Jug Still life

Kingsdown Beach Huts

SOLD Kingsdown Beach Huts and still life

Sandwich Quay

Sandwich Quay with figs, 60 x 60cm


Ramsgate Harbour with a bottle of Gadds

Viking Bay

SOLD Viking Bay with Green Hare

Viking Bay

SOLD Viking Bay, Broadstairs. 50 x 50cm

Deal Pier

SOLD Deal Pier and fishing boats

SOLD 'Yellow Blossom' - 30 x 30cm box canvas £65.00 - Available from The Sandwich Shop

SOLD'Springtime' - 30 x 30cm box canvas- £65.00 - Available from The Sandwich Shop


SOLD "Path to the Lighthouse' 20 x 25 cm box canvas £55.00 SOLD


SOLD 'Channel View' 20 x 25cm box canvas £55.00 SOLD

'Sage Grasses"

SOLD 'Sage Grasses" Framed 20 x 20 cm canvas £55.00

SOLD" Lavender Mist"

SOLD 'Lavender Mist' Framed 20 x 20cm canvas £55.00 - Available from The Sandwich Shop

SOLD 'Distant Lighthouse' - Framed 20 x 20cm £50.00

SOLD 'Boats and Beach Huts' - Framed 20 x 20cm £50.00 - Available form The Sandwich Shop

Available from The Sandwich Shop

SOLD 'Golden Haze' 30 x 30cm box canvas £65.00

SOLDThe Country Road

SOLD 'The Country Road' 56 x 46 cm slim edge canvas £95.00

SOLD The Farmhouse

SOLD The Farmhouse 30 x 30cm

SOLD 'View towards the Monument' ( St Margarets Bay) - 60 x 80 cm box canvas

SOLD Blue Spray

SOLD " Blue Spray" 60 x 80 cm Box Canvas £200.00

SOLD 'Evening Sparkle' 20 x 25cm box canvas £45.00

Spring Blossom

SOLD Spring Blossom 20 x 30cm


SOLD "Sun" 50 x 50cm SOLD


SOLD "Seasalter" 60 x 80cm SOLD

St Margarets Bay

SOLD "St Margarets Bay" 30 x 50cm SOLD

From the Window

SOLD"From The Window" 30 x 40cm SOLD

Pink Sky

SOLD"Pink Sky" 50 x 50 cm SOLD

Autumn Sky

SOLD " Autumn Sky" 60 x 80cm SOLD


SOLD "Kingsdown" 30 x 30cm SOLD

South Foreland Lighthouse

SOLD " South Foreland Lighthouse" 36 x 46cm SOLD

Beach Huts through the fennel

SOLD " Beach Huts through fennel" SOLD

Morning Sparkel

SOLD" Morning Sparkle" 60 x 80 cm SOLD

Beach Huts & Boats

" Beach Huts & Boats" SOLD

Deal Boats

"Deal Boats" SOLD

Rising Sun

"Rising Sun" SOLD

Blue Hedgerow

"Blue Hedgerow" SOLD

The Beach huts

"The Beach Huts" SOLD

Red Sky


Langdon Cliffs

"Langdon Cliffs" 60 x 60cm Box Canvas £240.00 SOLD

Kingsgate Bay

"Kingsgate Bay" 60 x 60 cm Box Canvas £240.00 SOLD